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General health law and policy

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Definition: Resources related to the law and policy governing the healing professions, hospitals and other care-giving facilities, health products and medications, and the Canadian health system in general.

A guide prepared by Student Legal Services at the University of Alberta. It is a resource that provides information on social welfare programs available to Albertans.

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Alberta Resources

This website section from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta provides information about the legislation governing the privacy of and access to health records. Topics include: Principles; The Request process; Concerns; Investigations and reviews; Inquiries; Read the Act; Questions and answers; and Publications.

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The Health Law Institute at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Law began as a resource center, evolving into an international center for health law, and home to several leading health scholars. The goals of the HLI are to conduct health law and science policy research, disseminate scholarly outputs and policy work to a broad interdisciplinary community, and facilitate collaborative opportunities with national and internationally based researchers and organizations.

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This standard outlines infection prevention techniques that are critical in reducing the risk of disease transmission during the tattooing procedure.

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In this interpretive bulletin from the Alberta Human Rights Commission you will find: Common questions about medical information as a human rights issue in the workplace (including reasonable accommodation); a Sample Medical Absence Form; a Sample Medical Ability to Work Form; Case law related to human rights and medical information in the workplace; and Legal principles from the case law. Note: It does not deal with privacy issues. 

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The Canadian Human Rights Commission commissioned this research project to examine past legal assessments of accommodation for environmental sensitivities, including how third parties may be involved and the relevance of buildings codes and standards. This report concludes by providing descriptions of best practices in relation to accommodation of environmental sensitivities and principles of universal design.  This 44-page PDF is available for free download. (2007)

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The Canadian Bioethics Society was founded in 1988 by the amalgamation of the Canadian Society of Bioethics and the Canadian Society for Medical Bioethics.The Canadian Bioethics Society seeks to: 1) bring together persons and organizations concerned and involved in bioethics; 2) forge links between them, and provide a forum for the exchange of views and ideas; 3) assist in solving the problems of daily practice, and; 4) develop long term solutions to broader social questions. The Society strives to blend theory and practice, and to unite in a common cause professions, disciplines and individuals.  

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Canadian Medical Association policy describes the Association’s positions on issues relevant to the Canadian healthcare system, medical education, the practice of medicine, and issues of importance to Canadian physicians and their patients. CMA policy serves to inform decisions and actions of Canadian physicians, lawmakers, health policy decision makers, other health professionals, and the general public. This is a fully searchable database containing the full text of all current CMA policy.

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Health Canada is the Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health.  Site sections include: Consumer product safety; Drugs and health products; Drugs and health products; Environmental and workplace health;  First Nations and Inuit health;  Food and nutrition; Health care system; Health concerns; Healthy living; Science and research. 

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This website section from Health Canada provides information on the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. Topics include: How to Access Marijuana for medical purposes; Licensed Producers; Information for Healthcare Practitioners; Information for Law Enforcement; Information for Municipalities; and Frequently Asked Questions.

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