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Definition: In employment law, an organization of employees formed to bargain with the employer.

Alberta Resources

This online resource is provided by the Alberta Labour Relations Board and contains information about Unions. Categories of information include: Certification (Unionizing a workplace); Collective Agreements; Creating a New Union; Revocation (For people who no longer wish to have a union represent them); Strikes, Lockouts and Picketing; Attending a Board Hearing; Mediation and Arbitration; Duty of Fair Representation  (Complaints about a union); Unfair Labour Practices (Complaints about an employer); Filing Applications with the Board; Reconsiderations (Appealing a Board decision); Miscellaneous.

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The Alberta Labour Relations Board is the independent and impartial tribunal responsible for the day-to-day application and interpretation of Alberta's labour laws. The Board administers and interprets the Labour Relations Code and other laws focused on unionized workplaces. The Board actively encourages dispute resolution, employs officers for investigations and makes major policy decisions.
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The Foundation aims to inspire and educate young Albertans to value the social contribution of labour; to understand labour unions; to be knowledgeable about social and economic issues affecting workers; and to develop participatory and leadership skills.The Aspen Foundation is dedicated to providing citizens with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow them to contribute fully to a healthy, just, and democratic workplace, community, and society.

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The Labour Relations Board has prepared this guide to the Labour Relations Code and the Public Service Employee Relations Act to help employees, employers, trade unions, students and the public understand the legislation and its administration by the Labour Relations Board. This resource is available for download as a PDF.

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The Canadian Labour Congress brings together Canada's national and international unions, the provincial and territorial federations of labour and community based labour councils. They provide research and policy leadership on issues that impact all working people, political advocacy for policies and programs that improve the lives of all Canadians, education programs and community organizing.

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This page from the Labour Program of Employment and Social Development Canada outlines the laws that govern federally regulated workplaces. 

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The PSLRB is an independent quasi-judicial statutory tribunal that is responsible for administering the collective bargaining and grievance adjudication systems in the federal public service and in Parliament.

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