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Wills and estates

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Definition: A will is a legal document determining the distribution of property and belongings after a person’s death. Also included here is information about legal documents that express someone's intentions for the management of their affairs in the event that they become incapable of doing so for themselves (for example, powers of attorney, living wills, personal directives, Supported Decision-making).

Information page which explains how to use a personal directive to name someone to make personal decisions for you are incapable due to illness or injury. Links to a form, information on how to register your directive and where you can get help to complete the process. Instruction sheet for Personal Directive form:

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Alberta has a Personal Directive Registry. The registry permits Albertans to voluntarily register the existence of their personal directive and contact information for your agents(s). If you have questions about the registry you can contact the Office of the Public Guardian toll free at 1-877-427-4525.

Please note: Registering your personal directive is optional. It’s valid even if you don’t register it.

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Alberta Resources

This website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta (CPLEA) focuses on how Canadian law protects and affects older adults. Topic areas covered include elder abuse, planning for the future, personal and family relationships, and various other issues (e.g. consumer, travel).

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This booklet produced by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta is for people who either: find themselves, or a loved one, in a state of diminished mental capacity and are interested in exploring joint decision-making options; or have a loved one who has lost capacity and must set up Guardianship and Trusteeship for that person. This 32 page PDF is available for download.

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Download forms for applying to the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench dealing with non-contentious surrogate (wills and estates) matters.

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The Calgary Chinese Community Service Association is an ethnocultural community service agency. CCSA offers four core programs: Children and Youth, Integration and Civic Engagement (ICE), Health Program, and Legal Program. Their Law and Advocacy Program is funded by the Alberta Law Foundation and provides a range of services including: basic legal information and referrals, Commissioner for Oaths and Notary, a free legal outreach clinic.  and free Wills & Estates Document Drafting Services (CCCSA provides free drafting services for Personal Directives, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Wills for low-income seniors (ages 65+). Asset screening will be conducted for eligibility. and will and estate documents drafting services.)

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CSRS Outreach Workers assist seniors with pensions and benefits, housing and home care support, or personal/family crisis. Other programs include Escorted Transportation, Assited Shopping and Friendly Visiting.

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This online resource is from Service Alberta and includes information about: Burial Permits; Delayed Registration of Alberta Vital Events; Disinter/Reinter Permits; and Making Corrections to a Death Registration.

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This resource discusses what happens to your estate if you die without a will. A will is a document that says how you wish property to be divided after your death. In Alberta, if you die without a will or if you leave property that is not disposed of by will, the Wills and Succession Act determines what will happen to your property.

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This online resource from Calgary Legal Guidance discusses Enduring Powers of Attorney in Alberta. An Enduring Power of Attorney should be prepared ahead of time before you suffer mental incapacity or illness which renders you unable to make sound decisions about your money and business matters. By an Enduring Power of Attorney, you appoint someone you trust to make decisions for you at a future time when you no longer have the capacity to make your own decisions.

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