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Crime prevention

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Definition: Strategies and measures that help decrease the likelihood that a criminal act will occur. A wide range of approaches are used.
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Alberta Resources

ABPA is an affiliation of more than 40 Block Parent® Programs in Alberta communities. ABPA is a voting member of the Block Parent® Program of Canada Incand serves as the liaison between BCPPCI and the local programs in Alberta. Related keywords: Public safety (46)

Related keywords: Crime prevention, Public safety

Through a partnership of nine government ministries, police, community groups, municipalities, businesses and social agencies, Alberta's Safe Communities Initiative works to address the impact crime is having on our communities, and find meaningful, long-term solutions. This section of the Alberta Justice and Attorney General website provides information about the ongoing work and priorities of the initiative and links to further resources.

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The Calgary John Howard Society's vision is to promote positive change through humane, just, and informed responses to crime and its effects. The organization provides programs for both adults and youth involved in the criminal justice system, or who are at risk for becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

Related keywords: Crime prevention, Reintegration, Restorative justice

Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security is responsible for supporting and promoting crime prevention and for advancing restorative justice initiatives. This website provides fact sheets and information for the public about various issues like Rural Crime Prevention, Personal Safety, and Business Security Fraud Prevention.
Related keywords: Crime prevention, Restorative justice

From one convenient location you can access the websites of all five Alberta associations, and (where available) those of the Association's affiliate boards. Crime Stoppers allows you to give the police tips anonymously and confidentially. If your tip leads to an arrest there is a possibility of monetary reward.
Related keywords: Crime prevention, Public safety

The Edmonton Community Drug Strategy (ECDS) is a call to action for governments, community leaders, agencies and organizations to develop an Edmonton strategy targeting young people up to 24-years of age, with an emphasis on preventing and reducing the harmful impacts of alcohol and illicit drug misuse.

Related keywords: Crime prevention, Drugs and alcohol

Edmonton John Howard Society is a not-for-profit, community-based crime prevention agency. They provide assistance to people in conflict with the law, their families, those who have the potential to be in conflict with the law, and victims of crime. Their work to eradicate the root causes of crime helps build safety and harmony in communities. The Edmonton John Howard Society works to promote a better understanding of the Criminal Justice System and the consequences of breaking the law. Their work is accomplished through educational presentations provided to youth in the school system and the community.

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Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch (ENW) is a not-for-profit, charitable, volunteer passive crime prevention organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life within all Edmonton communities through the fostering of an educational and cooperative crime prevention program, at the neighbourhood level by working to encourage awareness and participation.

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The Edmonton Police Service has developed this Neighbourhood Crime Mapping tool as a way to keep the public informed and help prevent crime. Select a neighbourhood by ‘clicking’ on the city map, select a date range, and then one, some or all of eight crime groups to plot on the map.

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The John Howard Society of Alberta is a non-profit agency concerned with the problem of crime and its prevention. The organization takes its name and spirit from the 18th century humanitarian John Howard, whose name has become a symbol of humane consideration for prisoners. It was incorporated in 1949, and today the organization consists of six separately incorporated districts along with the Provincial Office. The website provides information about the services available in each of these districts.

Related keywords: Classroom materials, Crime prevention, Reintegration